Yamaha APX500III Guitar Review 

There are two types of entry level guitarists out there. The first type of guitarists is people who are willing to buy a quality-compromised guitar at a low cost to begin learning. The second type of people are the ones who do not want to compromise on the guitar quality, want the best of the best and are willingly to pay a higher cost for it. Yamaha APX500III guitar is for the latter category of people.

Yamaha APX500III Guitar Review

First look

If money does not matter for you, then the Yamaha APX500III has to be your pick. This guitar is all about the good looks. At first glance, it is hard not to fall in love with this beauty. The APX500III is an electric high-end acoustic guitar with a look that is hard to miss even in a crowd. What makes it even more aesthetically appealing at first glance is the wide color range that is available for the buyers to choose from; jet black to rock and roll silver – the color options are unlimited too.

Design and built

The design of Yamaha APX500III is classic but yet innovative in its own unique way. It comes in a traditional dreadnought shape with a Venetian cutaway style. The centerpiece is solid and is provided ample added support with the sturdy top head. The main center piece material that is used for the construct of this guitar is nato and comes with a great finesse too. More than everything else, the nato material is supported with a scalloped string set aligned vertical over the mid-part of the guitar body.

Sound output

Yamaha APX500III produces sound loud enough and with greater resonance just as you would expect it. The sound is high with the ample low end. There is a lot of heavy bass in the sound but that does not messes with the clarity of the sounds in any possible way.

Final word

The Yamaha APX500III definitely hits all the right cords. The design is perfectly sleek and stylish. The body us made of the highest quality materials and are durable for long-term use. The hardware is accustomed with par excellence electrics. The sound adjusts seemingly well between different sound tone ranges. The price is a tad bit higher than other Yamaha guitar models that you can find out there but then of course, the guitar speaks volumes of worth for itself too.